I have an adult child with a disability. Should I wait until I’m 60 to collect survivor benefits?

Full question: Martha, is it better if I wait until I’m 60 to collect off deceased ex-husband’s survivor benefits if I’m caring for our disabled adult son while I’m 59 years of age? Hi there, A survivor benefit can be taken as early as age 60. Deciding when to collect survivor benefits and your own…

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If an ex-spousal benefit is taken early, will it still be reduced if I have minor children? What will my minor children collect?

Full question: I will collect Social Security at 62 as an ex-spouse. 50% of his full benefit will be about $1900. I know typically it would be reduced for filing early, but I read if you have minor children, it is not reduced. Is that true? Also, I have 2 minor children. What number will…

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Does a widow’s survivor benefit get reduced if she is still working?

Full question: I can’t find clarification on survivor benefits and earnings limits. If a husband passes away and the survivor wife is age 55 and is working and caring for kid(s) under 16, does her benefit get reduced because she is working? Hello, Yes, like other Social Security benefits, survivor benefits also are subject to…

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