I am receiving survivor benefits and disability. Will I still get the COLA raise?

Hello, Yes, if you are receiving survivor/disability benefits, starting in January your payment will include the new COLA increase. Best, Martha

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Will the COLA increase my benefits even if I wait to collect them?

Full question: I am 67 & 2 months. My expected earned benefit will increase by about 8% if I wait until Jan 2023 to claim my benefit. Will my benefit also be increased by the expected 8% + COL ? In other words, would I receive both increases? Hi there, Yes! After Full Retirement Age,…

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Do I already need to be collecting benefits to receive the cost-of-living adjustment?

Full question: Is it preferable to start collecting as of December 2021 rather than March 2022 in order to qualify for the 5.9% cola increase? Hello, For retirees who are already collecting benefits prior to January of a given year, they will automatically see an increase come January for the Cost-Of-Living. However, those who are…

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