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  • Integrates with to import your earnings records
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  • Works for single, married, divorced, widowed, second marriages, self-employed, still working or retiring

Why Choose the RSSA Roadmap?

Don’t lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits by making the wrong decision.

Expert Analysis at Your Fingertips

As a comprehensive planning tool, the RSSA Roadmap offers personalized Social Security optimization strategies. It's like having a Registered Social Security Analyst in your pocket!

Maximize Your Benefits

Whether you're single, married, divorced, widowed, self-employed, disabled, or an immigrant, the RSSA Roadmap provides tailored advice to maximize your lifetime benefits. From determining the optimal time to claim to calculating potential benefits for every scenario—our tool does it all.

Live Support from Social Security Advisors

Get free live help from our team of Registered Social Security Analysts®. Have all your pressing questions answered, ensuring you're fully equipped to maximize your benefits.

Peace of Mind

Join thousands of Americans who've used the RSSA Roadmap to increase their lifetime benefits by tens of thousands of dollars. We guarantee that you'll maximize your Social Security with confidence and peace of mind.

Maximize Your Social Security with RSSA Roadmap: Key Features Explained


Attend Live or Recorded Webinars

With your purchase of the RSSA Roadmap software, gain complimentary access to both live and recorded webinars, designed to enhance your understanding of Social Security benefits optimization.

These sessions, led by our Social Security Advisors (RSSAs), offer a deep dive into how you can utilize the RSSA Roadmap software to its fullest potential. Through these educational webinars, you'll learn step-by-step processes, gain insights into the complexities of Social Security benefits, and understand what various scenarios mean for you. It's a unique opportunity to have your questions answered in real-time and to learn strategies that apply directly to your situation.

Get Every Dollar You Are Entitled to in Benefits & Learn When YOU Should File

Unlock the secrets to maximizing your Social Security benefits with the RSSA Roadmap's innovative software and heatmap visualization. This powerful tool simplifies the decision-making process by illustrating the optimal times and conditions under which you should file for your benefits.

By analyzing your unique situation against thousands of scenarios, the RSSA Roadmap ensures you make the choices that will optimize your benefits plan. This strategic approach empowers you to secure every dollar you're entitled to, based on informed, precise timing and decision-making.


Integrates with - Upload Your Earnings Records

Simplifying your Social Security planning, the RSSA Roadmap seamlessly integrates with, allowing you to upload your earning records directly into the software.

Start by creating an account on, export your earnings record as an XML file, and then import it into the RSSA Roadmap. This integration ensures that your benefits analysis is as accurate and personalized as possible, based on your actual earnings history. It's a simple, straightforward process that brings precision to your Social Security planning.

Lifetime Access - No Additional Costs

Invest once in the RSSA Roadmap and enjoy lifetime access to the software, with no additional costs. This one-time purchase grants you a lifetime license to use the RSSA Roadmap for various life events as they occur.

Whether you're approaching retirement, considering changes in your work status, or experiencing significant life milestones, the RSSA Roadmap is there to guide your Social Security decisions every step of the way. It's not just software; it's a lifetime resource for navigating your retirement planning with confidence.

RSSA Roadmap Software Screens

Features That Empower You

  • RSSA Roadmap Heatmap:
    Navigate the myriad of filing options with ease, finding the path that's right for you.
  • Tax Calculator, Break-Even Calculator & PIA Calculator
    Understand the financial implications of your claiming decisions.
  • Powerful Reporting & Social Security Support
    Get clear, actionable insights tailored to your circumstances.
  • Cloud-Based Software
    Access your personalized roadmap anytime, anywhere.
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See How It Works

The decision of when and how to claim your Social Security benefits is one of the most significant financial choices you'll make in retirement. With the average household missing out on over $110,000 in potential income due to suboptimal claiming strategies, the stakes couldn't be higher.

But you don't have to navigate this complex landscape alone. The RSSA Roadmap is here to guide you to the benefits you deserve, ensuring you make the most educated and beneficial decisions for your unique situation.

Maximize Your Benefits Now

Your Situation is Unique - Your Social Security Plan Should Be Too

From assessing the benefits of claiming on an ex-spouse's record to understanding how your own retirement or survivor benefits stack up, the RSSA Roadmap has you covered. Whether you're contemplating your options as an individual, evaluating strategies as a couple, or seeking guidance on survivor benefits, our tool and team are here to support you every step of the way.

"The RSSA Roadmap ran all possible scenarios for us, providing immense peace of mind. We now have a clear plan and understand exactly when and how to file for our benefits. Truly invaluable service!""

With your one-time purchase, you'll receive a lifetime license to the RSSA Roadmap® Planner, including all future updates and enhancements. This is not just an investment in your financial future—it's the key to unlocking the Social Security benefits you've rightfully earned.

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Software Built for Trusted Advisors: Financial Advisors, Tax Professionals, Insurance Professionals, & Lawyers

RSSA Roadmap® software takes the complexity out of the analysis and helps clients determine when they should file and start collecting Social Security based upon their unique situation and historical earnings records. Everyone’s situation is unique. Whether you or your client are single, married, divorced, widowed or a self-employed business owner, RSSA Roadmap® will help everyone get every dollar they’re entitled to from the government, and maximize their Social Security benefits.


Easily understand how timing affects benefit options. When is the best time to file for benefits and how much will I get? Divorced? Filing on an ex-spouse may increase benefits, but by how much? Will future earnings change my benefit? How much does a pension reduce benefits? Planning is simple and easy with RSSA Roadmap®.


Couples have options, so don’t miss out. Understand what they are and how much they vary. If a spouse wants to file early, will it reduce benefits when one lives alone?  A big age difference may pose a problem. What about children? They may increase your benefit. See how much and for how long with RSSA Roadmap®.


Retirement or survivor benefits, which should be taken first? What’s the best option? Still working or thinking about returning to work; will earnings reduce benefits? Will benefits change when remarrying ?  Survivor benefits for minors or children with disabilities? Get help using the RSSA Roadmap®.


  • For Individuals and Families i
  • One-Time Purchase for Lifetime License
  • Roadmap Optimization Wizard i
  • Social Security Tax Calculator i
  • Break Even Calculator
  • PIA Calculator
  • Powerful reporting i
  • Social Security Q&A Tool i
  • Cloud-based software
  • Live RSSA® Support
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Social Security Optimizer

RSSA Roadmap® will determine your Social Security benefits and answer the question: When should I file for Social Security benefits?  If you are between the ages of 55 and 65, you need to use the same calculator that thousands of families and advisors are using to maximize Social Security benefits. In less than 10 minutes, with the RSSA Roadmap® Optimizer you can run an analysis for yourself. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed, working or retired, RSSA Roadmap® will help you maximize your Social Security retirement income.

RSSA® Social Security Support Included. The Optimizer includes free LIVE help from a Social Security Advisor – a Registered Social Security Analyst®. This provides an opportunity for you to ask an RSSA® all of your Social Security questions.

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Get your RSSA Roadmap today and start the journey toward maximizing your Social Security benefits. With our tool and expert support, you’ll gain the insights and confidence needed to make the best decisions for your retirement.

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