RSSA Roadmap® – For Individuals and Families


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RSSA Roadmap® is the premier Social Security optimization software for individuals and families. Our planning software is designed to optimize your Social Security claiming strategy to increase your lifetime benefits.

Optimize your Social Security benefits with confidence. Just answer simple questions, and RSSA Roadmap® will guide you through your planning. Get what you deserve and collect tens of thousands more in benefit dollars using our software.

RSSA Roadmap® Subscribers are entitled to up to 20 minutes of free LIVE help from a Social Security expert – a Registered Social Security Analyst®. This session provides an opportunity for you to ask an RSSA® your Social Security questions.

● For Individuals and Families
● Benefit Heatmap – All Filing Ages
● Breakeven Analysis
● Social Security Tax Calculator
● PIA Calculator
● Powerful Reporting
● Social Security FAQ Tool
● Cloud-based Software
● Live RSSA® Social Security Support

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Software Details

RSSA Roadmap® software helps individuals and families decide on the optimal time to collect their Social Security benefits.

With hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of filing options, getting the most from Social Security can be a complex decision. As an individual, couple, or family, you can use RSSA Roadmap® to be confident in your anticipated benefits. At completion of your analysis, you will be provided with a comprehensive planning report outlining your benefit considerations in a way you can easily understand; with calculations, comparisons, definitions, and much more.

  • Intuitive to use; so while we have training available, the RSSA Roadmap® is easy to navigate.
  • Complex considerations addressed within the software, so you can be confident that your unique situation is being considered, including impacts from pensions, dependent benefits, ex-spousal benefits, and much more.
  • Interactive heat-map outlining your monthly, annual, and lifetime benefit amounts at each filing date.
  • Streamlined reporting with only the information you need, in an easy-to-understand format. Compare three scenarios you’re considering with the maximum benefit option to determine the optimal claiming decision for your unique circumstances.
  • The Social Security Tax Calculator aids future retirees in predicting their comprehensive retirement finances. By entering specific details such as the benefit amount, Adjusted Gross Income, filing status, and location, you will receive estimates of Social Security tax to help determine the appropriate withholding percentage from your monthly benefit.
  • LIVE help & support from an RSSA® – a Social Security expert advisor –  is included.