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Turn-key Social Security Financial Wellness
Software, Support, and Webinars

Provide your members or employees with access to turn-key Social Security support to navigate their retirement options confidently.

Social Security Benefit Program

Your organization’s members or employees can have easy & personal year-round access to RSSA Roadmap software, support, education and webinars for common Social Security issues we all face – from eligibility to pensions to spousal benefits and more.

This introduces these options:

  • Dedicated Social Security Team: You have unlimited access to RSSA webinars and support.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: You get access to RSSA Roadmap technology.
  • Cost Effective Support: Employer groups, associations, credit unions, and other organizations, can offer their employees/members and their families affordable Social Security financial wellness.

Provide your members or group with access to the Social Security HR benefit they need, for a low rate.  Whether they’re single, married, divorced, widowed, or getting ready to retire, RSSA will provide the necessary assistance and support to help your members understand their options.

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Unlimited Support

Social Security member benefit program including webinars, live support, and software.

Peace of Mind

RSSA Roadmap technology that syncs with to optimize Social Security benefits.

Experts on Your Side

A Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA) is a highly trained expert on Social Security income planning.

RSSA Roadmap

View all filing options, and receive a personalized detailed report and plan.

Be Prepared

Social Security is the cornerstone to a retirement plan and it impacts all Americans.

Plug and Play

On-demand education, webinars and do-it-yourself software to help maximize Social Security benefits.