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“I had an excellent interaction with Thomas Drapala of RSSA — informed, helpful, clearly explained various options in a manner that was easily grasped!”

Patrick Armstrong

“I had a truly wonderful experience at RSSA working with Thomas Drapala. The assessment was thorough and clear.”

Stuart Morris

“Tom was very helpful in answering all my Social Security questions and updated my personalized report accordingly until I had a complete understanding of my Social Security picture.”

Vincent McGinnis

“We had a consultation regarding Social Security benefits with Norm. Our situation is unusual, but he is very knowledgeable and answered most of our questions immediately. Regarding a couple of arcane issues, he said that he would do some quick homework and get back to us. We heard from him the same day with answers. I would highly recommend Norm as a fully qualified Social Security advisor.”

Bob Jordan

“I worked with Melissa Warren. She provided outstanding service. The information I received was detailed and extremely valuable to me that allowed me to make the correct decision. I greatly appreciate how I was treated. Outstanding experience.”

Bill Genna

“Tom was so patient and helpful. We feel like we have a clear picture of our options for retirement. He took away the confusion and helped us to relax about the big decisions we need to make. God was good in directing us to a place where they were very knowledgeable, patient and kind.”

Diana Jarvis

“Norman from RSSA took time to run through various scenarios with me and explain how earnings affect the SS benefits when claimed early. I am very happy with the advise and clarifications I received from RSSA. Highly recommend!”


“As a non US citizen living abroad with a deceased US husband I had no knowledge of how to apply for survivor benefits. Dane Anderson was an invaluable source in guiding me to make such an application and thoroughly researched all the complexities of my status to enable me to submit a SS application with confidence. He was gracious, patient and proficient in the extreme. Do not hesitate to seek Dane’s assistance for a stress free SS application!”

A. Bryson

“I would highly recommend Rssa, 1. Advisor was very courteous and very through great information and presentation 2. Answered all my question and concerns about filing for SSI 3.A detailed report was presented and articulated with all questions answered great Job! 4. Additional free resources were presented 5.If I decided to need a future change the advisor would be available to make changes and revisit my situation 6. Overall experience with my future planning was there highest priority 7. A detailed PowerPoint presentation was presented and discussed in detail with plenty of time to ask questions about details and calculations 8. The advisor also before ending the session made sure he was available for any future concerns or questions and to please give him a call 9. Great customer service,great follow thru and follow up This is a quality Company Great Job!”

John DeBernardi

“Melissa is friendly and very knowledgeable about SSA benefits and rules. She was respectful of my time and punctual. She offered an open invitation for future questions that may arise. I felt valued and she was very patient with me.”

Marc Welch

“Tom has a wealth of knowledge and is a great resource for planning your social security “adventure”. We would highly recommend contacting him once you are about to reach an age you can begin collecting benefits so that you can plan.”

Vicki Abrahamson

“Norm did a very extensive and thorough analysis of our social security options. We will realize quite a bit of savings thanks to his recommendations. I highly recommend his services as he is responsive, helpful and very nice as well!”

Frank C.

“Thomas provided insights that helped us make crucial decisions about retirement. He also provided a referral to a Medicare specialist that answered all of our questions about Medicare choices.”

Frank Tallerico

“Having RSSA run all the scenarios gave us great peace of mind. All our questions were answered and we could build our plan – including a Plan B and a Plan C. So happy we decided to do this.”

Kathryn Gritts

“Erick has been very helpful in explaining to us details on Social Security Income Optimization. He is a “go to” person with regards to Social Security. Thank you Erick for educating us and for providing us with suggestions.”

Henry Blanch

“Thomas was very thorough and explained everything to me in a way that was very understandable. He was professional and friendly.”

Judy Yeager

“The analysis and report I received was very comprehensive and answered all of our questions about Social Security benefits. Our RSSA analyst was great to work with. Well worth the expense.”

John Skrip

“Dane was incredibly knowledgeable about the social security strategies available to us and provided us with a recommendation that will maximize our benefits. He gave my wife and I a very clear picture of our actual monthly retirement benefits. The understanding of our benefits gives us a solid foundation upon which we will build a plan for a financially secure retirement. Many thanks to to Dane for his guidance and assistance.”

Erik Andersen

“Helped me save more than over $15,000 per year”

Xiaojiao Li

“Thomas Drapala did an excellent job explaining a number of technical issues related to my personal situation. I appreciate most the extra time he took to analyze my specific issues. I would want others to know about my experience.”

Chris Callaghan

“Our experience with Norm and his presentation of our analysis was explained in great detail. The information itself was more than what we expected to gain. Moving forward we know how to plan accordingly and are confident to have a more than comfortable retirement because of knowing what our claiming strategy will be. Thank you Norm and thank you RSSA for providing such valuable service!”

Eris Guillen

“Thomas was easy to work with and very flexible with scheduling our appointment with him. The information we received was very informative and helped us to make a better decision on our retirement as far as when to retire and what would be the best option for us. We appreciate the help we received and would recommend it to others.”

Sharon Piche

“Norm and Thomas are highly knowledgeable advisors whom no one should be without. I can’t recommend their service more! All will benefit from their wise counsel!”

Mark Seigel

“I worked with Norm H, and he did a great job. After gathering some information, he prepared a Social Security analysis that explained our options and the financial impacts. We followed his recommendation, and we are sure we made the right filing decision for our family. A great experience!”

Peggy Kraus

“Martha Shedden applied her wide knowledge base of Social Security benefits in guiding us through the application process with our unique set of circumstances. I knew there would be glitches if my husband and I tried to apply without guidance. Martha talked us through the online application and we sorted the rough spots together. It was a great relief to have her calming presence and expertise in our corner wending our way through this process. She is incredibly smart and truly passionate about helping people through the Social Security process.”

Val Kohlman

“Mr D was straightforward. His report was thorough and delivered on time. Most important it revealed that by taking my benefit now instead of waiting a year on my 70th, I’d save $40,000.”

David Levin

“The RSSA expert contacted me quickly and answered my questions about my spousal benefits. I am upset that I may have received benefits for many years prior to my application because of the erroneous information I received from the Social Security Adminstration’s own staff at the Chicago Headquarters.”

Elaine W.

“The fee is worth it to have a piece of mind and an advocate working with you when you decide to start Social Security. The RSSA is way more knowledgeable than any Social Security representative who has not been trained very well. Thomas cared about my unique situation and did a lot of leg work that I know was unusual. He kept at it until he confirmed he had the correct information to use when calculating my Social Security options.”

Kathleen Pizza

“I appreciated the simplification of a complex decision regarding when to claim Social Security benefits. Working with an RSSA is very worth the money and time to understand your specific situation.”

Michael S.