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I will turn 65 next year, but will continue working. Should I enroll in Medicare then and how much will it cost each month?

Full question: I will turn 65 on June 12,2021 and I plan on still working until I’m 70 if my health allows it. Should I stop paying my health insurance then ($600/mo.) and pick up Medicare with a supplemental plan? And if I did this, how much a month do I have to pay for…

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My Social Security is not enough to cover my Medicare premiums. Can I pay the balance due monthly or quarterly?

Full question: I am a widow and a retired federal employee receiving a civil service pension. And because of this, I was told I could not receive any benefits from my deceased husband. I now receive a small Social Security benefit from various part-time jobs. However, I do not receive the money because I was…

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Am I entitled to a benefit based on my ex-spouse’s record if I care for a disabled adult child?

Full question: I am age 60, disabled, retired and receive disability from SSA. My ex-spouse over 20 years is disabled and receives disability from SSA. I have been caring for our disabled son since age 16 and he is now 29 receiving benefits from his dad’s record as a disabled adult. Can I receive benefits…

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Can my wife and I use the restricted application filing strategy?

Full question: I was born in 1953 and my wife was born in 1958. I would like to wait to start collecting until age 70 in 2023. Can we use the restricted application filing strategy? Hi there! Yes, you may be able to use this claiming strategy. Since your wife is 62 in 2020, she…

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Will my wife’s earnings impact her eligibility to receive spousal benefits?

Full question: I just turned 69 and filed for Social Security benefits. My monthly benefit is $2,900. My wife is only 63 and she still works. Can she collect a spousal benefit and will her earnings impact this? Hi there, If you just started collecting at age 69 and your benefit is $2,900 then your…

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What is my mom eligible to collect from my deceased dad’s benefits if she is currently working?

Full question: My mom just turned 62, not yet collecting Social Security. Her husband (my dad) died at age 46. She works full-time. What is my mom eligible to collect from my deceased dad’s benefits and will her current income have an impact on this? Hello, Your mom should look into survivor benefits if she…

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