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I began collecting Social Security disability when I was married. Is it possible that I am entitled to higher Social Security benefits from my ex-spouse?

Full question: I have a question. I have been collecting Social Security disability for a long time now. At the time I was married and did not recall qualifying for SSI. I really don’t know what is the difference between Social Security disability and SSI, but I have not been married for over eight years….

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I am turning 63 in August and I am applying in May to start receiving benefits in September. Will I get the amount for age 63?

Full question: I am turning 63 in August of this year. I am applying now in May to start receiving benefits in September. I want to get the amount for age 63. Will that work? Hi there, Your benefit check is based on the month that you select to “start benefits” on your application and…

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Are Social Security spousal benefits reduced by the Government Pension Offset (GPO) if you receive a foreign pension?

Full question: My wife is from Poland. She has a pension from ZUS. She is 68 and retired. She currently receives a small social security check. Will her spousal benefits be reduced by Social Security GPO? Hello, Yes, she will still qualify for full Social Security spousal benefits; her foreign pension will have no bearing…

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How can I check my work and earnings history?

Full question: I’m 61 and I plan on working for at least a few more years before retiring from my job and I’m still not sure when I would like to collect Social Security. However, I want to check my earning’s history and make sure it is accurate. Where can I check this information? Hello, You…

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Can my ex-wife claim at 62 then suspend so I can collect an ex-spousal benefit based on her earnings record?

Full question: I am divorced, was married for over 10 years and did not remarry. Can my ex-wife at 62 claim and suspend so I can collect 50% of her benefit? And does that effect her benefit? Hello! The ability to file (claim) and suspend Social Security retirement benefits was phased out for couples and…

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If it has just been 10 days since I signed up to receive Social Security retirement benefits, can I withdraw my application?

Hi there, Good news! Yes, you may certainly withdraw your application for Social Security retirement benefits. If you have changed your mind about starting your benefits, you can cancel your application for up to 12 months after you became entitled to retirement benefits. This process is called a withdrawal and allows you to reapply later….

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