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Can my ex-wife claim at 62 then suspend so I can collect an ex-spousal benefit based on her earnings record?

Full question: I am divorced, was married for over 10 years and did not remarry. Can my ex-wife at 62 claim and suspend so I can collect 50% of her benefit? And does that effect her benefit? Hello! The ability to file (claim) and suspend Social Security retirement benefits was phased out for couples and…

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If it has just been 10 days since I signed up to receive Social Security retirement benefits, can I withdraw my application?

Hi there, Good news! Yes, you may certainly withdraw your application for Social Security retirement benefits. If you have changed your mind about starting your benefits, you can cancel your application for up to 12 months after you became entitled to retirement benefits. This process is called a withdrawal and allows you to reapply later….

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Do the young spouse (under age 62) child-in-care benefits apply to ex-spouses just as they do for spouses?

Full question: The spousal benefits to collect for child-in-care benefits applies only to the spouse or the ex-spouse as well? I had a situation where my ex-husband retired and my children got Dependent benefits until they finished high school around 18/19 years old. I never got any benefit. My ex was collecting my children benefits…

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I will turn 65 next year, but will continue working. Should I enroll in Medicare then and how much will it cost each month?

Full question: I will turn 65 on June 12,2021 and I plan on still working until I’m 70 if my health allows it. Should I stop paying my health insurance then ($600/mo.) and pick up Medicare with a supplemental plan? And if I did this, how much a month do I have to pay for…

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My Social Security is not enough to cover my Medicare premiums. Can I pay the balance due monthly or quarterly?

Full question: I am a widow and a retired federal employee receiving a civil service pension. And because of this, I was told I could not receive any benefits from my deceased husband. I now receive a small Social Security benefit from various part-time jobs. However, I do not receive the money because I was…

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Am I entitled to a benefit based on my ex-spouse’s record if I care for a disabled adult child?

Full question: I am age 60, disabled, retired and receive disability from SSA. My ex-spouse over 20 years is disabled and receives disability from SSA. I have been caring for our disabled son since age 16 and he is now 29 receiving benefits from his dad’s record as a disabled adult. Can I receive benefits…

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