Will earned income impact my Social Security benefits?

Full question: I’m looking to publish my own book, but I’m concerned that if my sales will only be enough to negate my SSI, that I will be left destitute. My research says that royalties such as from book sales are not counted as income for SSI, but I find it prudent to seek outside…

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I am 70 and still working. How much income can I earn while collecting benefits?

Full question: I am 70 years old and I am working how much can I make in 2022 and 2023? I will be applying for Social Security benefits this month. Hello, There are two earnings limits that retirees need to be aware of before collecting while continuing to work. The lower limit is $19,560 which…

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Are taxable withdrawals from my 401k considered earned income?

Full question: Are withdrawals from my 401k considered “earned income” with respect to taxing my Social Security benefits? I understand how Social Security benefits can be taxed if you have earned income while collecting Social Security. I just don’t understand/know if taxable withdrawals from my 401k count as earned income. Thanks. Hi there, The earnings…

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