How do I cancel my Social Security application?

Full question: How do I cancel my SSI application? Hello there, To begin, I want to clarify that SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, not Social Security Income. The SSI acronym is commonly mistaken for Social Security. To cancel your SSI (Supplemental Security Income) application, fill out Social Security Form SSA-521. Include the reason you…

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What is Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)?

Hello there, The Primary Insurance Amount, commonly referred to as PIA, is the full monthly benefit that you receive if you claim at your Full Retirement Age (FRA). Claiming earlier reduces your benefit and waiting to claim later than FRA increases your benefit. Your PIA is calculated using a specific formula. If you are eligible…

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What does ‘full retirement age’ mean?

Hello, Full Retirement Age, also known as FRA, is the age at which you will receive the full monthly benefit you have earned from all the years you have contributed into the system. It may also be referred to as normal retirement age. If you choose to claim your Social Security benefits at your FRA, you will…

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