Can my daughter receive SSDI benefits based on both parents’ records?

Full question: I am divorced. I have a child on SSI who lives with me. Recently her mother applied for her Social Security retirement and we were notified we could apply for SSDI. I am eligible for SS Retirement, but have not yet applied. If I apply will my daughter receive SSDI benefits on both…

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Can I collect SSDI from my ex-spouse?

Full question: My ex husband of 23 years is disabled and collects SSDI. I am single and have been caring for our disabled son solely since he was born and became his legal guardian when he turned 18. He is now 30 and still living with me, under my care. Since I am caring for…

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Will I receive more SSDI if my temporary disability becomes a permanent disability?

Full question: Would a person receiving SSDI now on temporary disability get more money monthly if she was diagnosed with a permanent disability? Hi there, Temporary or short term disability insurance, STD, is employer sponsored or purchased privately. It requires that the disability lasts from 1 to 13 weeks and that you are only unable…

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