My wife has a teaching pension. Is she eligible for spousal benefits?

Full question: My wife is a teacher in Texas and eligible for full teacher retirement. Can she earn partial SS benefits under myself as her spouse Hi there, If your wife is collecting a “non-covered” pension from work that did not pay into Social Security, then yes, she would be affected by the Government Pension…

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How does a teaching pension impact Social Security survivor benefits?

Full question: My mom (68 years old) is receiving survivor benefits and is in the process of selecting an annuity option from TRS. She doesn’t have 40 credits and paid into TRS only. We’ve been prepping and searching for answers on IF and how a partial lump-sum option affects the government pension offset, GPO. Do…

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My divorced spousal benefit is more than my own benefit. I also have a pension from Belgium. Will WEP apply?

Full question: I have social security benefits but would like to apply for Divorced Spouse as I will receive more than from my own record. I also receive a pension from Belgium. I know that GPO will not apply but will WEP apply? Hi there, The WEP rule only affects your retirement benefits, not dependent…

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