Are Medicare benefits different when switching from disability to retirement?

Hi there, No, they are not different. I am assuming you are asking about reaching full retirement on SSDI and having that benefit converted to a retirement benefit. You should not see any change in your Medicare. But it is wise to verify as you transition just to make sure. Best of luck, Martha

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I was told I need to pay back my survivor benefits since I also receive disability. What can I do?

Full question: I received my widows benefits for 2 years. Then I was approved for disability and now they are telling me I have to pay all the widows benefits back because I couldn’t get both, but that wasn’t my fault. Hello, You are in a very unique situation, and it is difficult for us…

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Will I receive more SSDI if my temporary disability becomes a permanent disability?

Full question: Would a person receiving SSDI now on temporary disability get more money monthly if she was diagnosed with a permanent disability? Hi there, Temporary or short term disability insurance, STD, is employer sponsored or purchased privately. It requires that the disability lasts from 1 to 13 weeks and that you are only unable…

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