Can I receive SSDI benefits if I also receive a pension?

Published: July 10, 2024

Full question: Two years ago, I left my job and took an early retirement with pension due to muscular dystrophy. My pension is half of what I made monthly when working and considered going back to work. I am at a point in my life due to my disease that I’m not able to go back to work. I have all 40 credits for benefits, I am 60 years old. Would I be able to apply Social Security disability if I receive a pension?


Yes, you may apply for SSDI and, if approved, the amount you receive depends on the pension details.

If you are receiving the pension from an employer who did not contribute payroll taxes for you into the Social Security program, it is known as a non-covered pension. In this case, your disability benefits may be reduced due to the windfall elimination provision, WEP. If the the pension is covered (payroll taxes were paid into Social Security), then the pension would not reduce your SSDI.

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