What is a Registered Social Security Analyst®?

RSSAs are an elite group of advisors trained to help Americans maximize their Social Security benefits.

Social Security Advisors

Registered Social Security Analysts® have studied the complex laws and rules of Social Security – and have passed the national RSSA® Competency Exam administered by the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts.

Become a Trusted Advisor

RSSAs can help their clients receive tens of thousands of dollars or more in additional Social Security benefits. Once you become an RSSA®, you will be well-equipped to guide people through the complex considerations in their claiming strategies, providing advice and comfort. RSSAs help individuals and couples understand how to make decisions about when to retire, how to claim spousal benefits, and how to navigate Social Security regulations to maximize their benefits.

How RSSAs Work With Clients

1. Consultation

Your RSSA® will answer your questions and collect the information needed to begin.

2. Analysis

With sophisticated RSSA Roadmap® Social Security optimization software, your RSSA® will analyze all possible claiming strategies.

3. Optimization

You’ll receive a comprehensive analysis showcasing your claiming options including your most optimal strategy.

Who Becomes a Registered Social Security Analyst®?

Tax Professionals, Financial Advisors, and Licensed Professionals can apply to take the RSSA® Certificate eLearning Program. There is a tremendous demand for professionals that understand Social Security. More than 70 million Baby Boomers will collect Social Security. They will need personalized answers. As a Registered Social Security Analyst®, you can help clients potentially gain tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental Social Security income. Take advantage of this smart opportunity and get started with your training today.

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Using Your RSSA®

Those who pass the final exam and wish to use their RSSA® trademarked designation must agree to maintain their Registered Member status with NARSSA to proudly display the RSSA® designation after their name.

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