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A Registered Social Security Analyst® (RSSA) can help.

$20K-$200K in Potential Additional Benefits

Registered Social Security Analysts can help you gain far more Social Security income by making the optimal claiming decisions.

$1.5-$1.7 Million Projected

Suzzanne and Chris

$9,000 More Every Year

Paul and Karin

$1,100 More Every Year


Most People Leave Money on the Table


Don't Optimize

Very few people get all the Social Security they deserve.


Average Lost

The average household is losing $111,000 in potential income.

1 Chance

To Claim

Social Security gives you one chance to get it right – forever.

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Talk with a Registered Social Security Analyst — a trained expert for a free, no-obligation consultation. If you decide to engage the RSSA, for a modest fee, you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis and advice that may provide you with thousands or tens of thousands more each and every year.

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