How do I determine what my Social Security amount would be now?

Hello there, Social Security benefits are based on your highest 35 years of indexed earnings. You can find a benefit estimate on your Social Security account, but for more accurate results you can calculate your earnings. If you need assistance finding out what you will be eligible for and any rules that may impact your…

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How can I check my work and earnings history?

Full question: I’m 61 and I plan on working for at least a few more years before retiring from my job and I’m still not sure when I would like to collect Social Security. However, I want to check my earning’s history and make sure it is accurate. Where can I check this information? Hello, You…

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When is the best time to set up a My Social Security account?

Hi, My suggestion is to create one today! It is quick, easy, and free to create a My Social Security account. Plus, the information your account provides is valuable and will likely save you time from having to call or visit a Social Security office to find the same information. Whether you are or are…

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