Can someone younger than age 60 collect benefits if their spouse died and they have a young child?

Full question: My brother-in-law was collecting Social Security for himself and two minor children. He has since passed; my sister-in-law is collecting money for the two children. She is 59 and is being denied benefits for herself because she is not age 60. Is she eligible to collect for herself since one of the children…

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If an ex-spousal benefit is taken early, will it still be reduced if I have minor children? What will my minor children collect?

Full question: I will collect Social Security at 62 as an ex-spouse. 50% of his full benefit will be about $1900. I know typically it would be reduced for filing early, but I read if you have minor children, it is not reduced. Is that true? Also, I have 2 minor children. What number will…

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