If an ex-spousal benefit is taken early, will it still be reduced if I have minor children? What will my minor children collect?

Published: April 20, 2022

Full question: I will collect Social Security at 62 as an ex-spouse. 50% of his full benefit will be about $1900. I know typically it would be reduced for filing early, but I read if you have minor children, it is not reduced. Is that true? Also, I have 2 minor children. What number will they use to determine their benefit? Will it be 50% of what I am getting, ($1900)?


If you begin collecting a spousal benefit before Full Retirement Age, your benefits will be reduced.

Minor children do not increase your reduced ex-spousal benefit. However, you may be eligible for a child-in-care spousal benefit and your own retirement benefit should be considered as well.

Minor children can collect up to 50 percent of the benefit holder’s primary benefit, however the family maximum or possibly combined family maximum should be considered. Working with an RSSA can help you assess your options and the Social Security rules that impact your benefits based on your personal situation.

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