Are our adopted minor children eligible for Social Security benefits?

Published: February 15, 2024

Full question: Hi Martha, I am turning 64 and retired. My wife is 53. We have two adopted children 11 & 9 yrs old. Can they receive Social Security benefits?


This is a good question.

Yes, when you start collecting Social Security retirement benefits, your minor children are entitled to benefits until age 18, or 19 if still in high school.

Your younger (than age 62) spouse is entitled to a child(ren)-in-care spousal benefit while still caring for minor children (under age 16).

These dependent benefits are all based on your earnings record and limited to 50% of your primary insurance amount. The total paid, including your benefit, is limited to the Family Maximum Benefit, FMB. The FMB amount varies between 150-180% of your primary insurance amount. If the total is more than the FMB, each dependent benefit is reduced by an equal amount.

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