Am I eligible to collect Social Security if I live in Canada, but I worked in the U.S.?

Full question: My Sister lives in Canada, but has worked here in the United States since she was 28 and paid into Social Security. Is she eligible to collect? Hi there, To collect U.S. Social Security retirement benefits, she needs to have earned 40 credits, or quarters of coverage. Only 4 quarters/credits can be earned…

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I have a foreign pension and I have 36 US work credits. Am I eligible for Social Security?

Full question: If I have 36 points in US Social Security, and have a pension from European countries that have totalization agreement with US, will I avoid the WEP if I DON’T fulfill the 10 year rule/40 points minimum, or will I be not eligible for US pension at all? Hi there, If you do…

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I only have 29 work credits. Should I create self-earned income to earn the 40 credits?

Full question: Hello. I am 48 years old. I currently only have 29 credits towards my benefits. I live overseas and have been filing my taxes using the foreign earned income exclusion so I almost never pay into the system. Is it in my best interests to create the minimum amount of self-earned income to…

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