I received an overpayment and now owe the SSA money. How is this fair?

Full question: (I am an American citizen) Is it fair that I paid into Social Security and obeyed the rules while working in the USA until I came to Portugal and began working here where I then paid into Social Security here and obeyed all the rules? My pension original pension from the states was…

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Am I required to pay back an overpayment to the Social Security Administration?

Full question: After filing for Social Security at age 63 and receiving 5 payments, I received a letter from Social Security saying I needed to pay the money back because I would make too much. Am I required to pay that money back, if so, why? Hello, If you began collecting before your Full Retirement…

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I had an overpayment with Social Security and haven’t received a check since September. What should I do?

Full question: I have an overpayment with Social Security. I am on SSI. There is no question on whether or not I qualify. My medical records speak for themselves. They cut my checks off in September of last year saying I had to give them a spend down. I was told I would still get…

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