My wife filed for spousal benefits, but our address is in Germany. What should I do?

Full question: My wife and I filed for her Spousal Benefit from our address in Germany (She is a German citizen). I am back in the USA for a period of time, and want to take her very difficult to replace Birth Certificate in to an SSA office. The initial claim for her benefits was…

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Social Security is holding up my benefit. What should I do?

Hi there, There can be many reasons why they are holding up your benefit. We suggest that you call your local Social Security office to get more information. Good luck! Best, Martha

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I have been married and divorced to the same person twice. Does the SSA require that the ten years be consecutive?

Hi there, The short answer is “yes, sort of!” The “consecutive” part means that the two time periods of the marriages must be in existence in each of the 10 or more consecutive years. Therefore, the second marriage must start within the 12 months after the first divorce. Social Security does require that two people…

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