If a child is disabled before the age of 22 are they eligible to collect SSI or an adult disabled child benefit?

Full question: Client has an autistic child who is now 22 years old. He has never collected Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI). Client now wonders if his son would qualify for Social Security Disability. His son is unable to work. I have researched Disability Benefits and Benefits for children with disabilities on ssa.gov. I believe…

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I had an overpayment with Social Security and haven’t received a check since September. What should I do?

Full question: I have an overpayment with Social Security. I am on SSI. There is no question on whether or not I qualify. My medical records speak for themselves. They cut my checks off in September of last year saying I had to give them a spend down. I was told I would still get…

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What does average monthly expenses for the ‘entire’ household mean on an SSI change of address form?

Hello, I assume you are being asked this in relationship to your living arrangement. Living arrangements, and the expenses associated with it, are a factor used to determine how much Supplemental Security Income (SSI) you can get. This means your SSI benefits may vary depending on where you live: your own house, apartment, or mobile…

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