Will my Medicaid waiver payments reduce my Social Security benefits?

Full question: For caring for my adult disabled child in my home, I receive Medicaid waiver payments designated as “difficulty of care payments” under notice 2014-7, which are excludable from my gross income for both income taxes and FICA. If I begin to collect early retirement benefits before my FRA, do these payments above $19,560…

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Am I eligible for ex-spousal benefits as sole caregiver of our disabled child?

Full question: I am the full time caregiver of our disabled 21 year old – we were together for 13 years, married for 9.6 legal and 3 years common law, divorced in 2008 and he has not helped or seen disabled child since. He has just retired – 21 year old disabled daughter is receiving…

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Will I get more money if I collect off of my adult disabled child’s benefits?

Full question: So I’m 59 and I care for my deceased former spouse’s adult disabled child, would I get more money if I collect off his benefits when I turn 60 or does it not matter? He never remarried so my son only collects off of his father’s benefits, but he is living with me….

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