Can my disabled adult child switch from SSDI based on her record to SSDI based on my record?

Published: February 13, 2024

Full question: My adult unmarried child has a disability that started before age 22 and qualifies for SSDI. Based on her work record she has 40 quarters, and a monthly income below the SGA limit. If she starts receiving SSDI based on her work record, can she then reapply once I start drawing Social Security so her SSDI will be based on 50% of my work record which would increase her SSDI payment?


Yes, this is possible.

At the time you apply as her parent, she may be entitled to a higher benefit as a DAC than on her own SSDI that she is receiving.

The disability criteria for a disabled adult child, DAC, is the same as for SSI and SSDI, with one additional criteria. In addition to establishing disability under the five-step sequential evaluation, a DAC beneficiary is required to show that they have been under a continuous disability since prior to reaching age 22.

Unlike with SSI beneficiaries, DAC beneficiaries do not need to meet a strict asset test. DAC beneficiaries must have a parent that has become disabled under SSA rules, has claimed Social Security retirement, or has died.

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