My wife is eligible for Railroad Retirement and Social Security. What are her options?

Full question: My wife is getting Railroad Retirement and is receiving $1,423 a month. Her Social Security statement says that she is eligible for $2,309 a month under Social Security. Can you please tell us what her options are if any at all? Thank you. Hello, Railroad retirement benefits and Social Security claiming strategies can…

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What is the best claiming strategy if you are eligible to collect both Social Security and Railroad Retirement?

Full question: Is there a strategy if you have both Railroad retirement credits, my case 13 years’ worth and about 27 years of Social Security credits. Turn on one before or at FRA then switch to the other to get the delay credits from Social Security? Hello, Railroad Retirement and Social Security can be very…

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Should I collect Social Security or Railroad Retirement?

Full question: I receive Social Security because it is more than Railroad Retirement. Is it wise to switch over to Railroad Retirement like my husband- he is an RR retiree? Hi there, The Railroad Retirement and Social Security can be very situational. Meaning that depending on your situation, the answer may change. In some cases,…

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