How do I cancel my Social Security application?

Published: December 13, 2021

Full question: How do I cancel my SSI application?

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To begin, I want to clarify that SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, not Social Security Income. The SSI acronym is commonly mistaken for Social Security.

To cancel your SSI (Supplemental Security Income) application, fill out Social Security Form SSA-521. Include the reason you want to withdraw the application on the form and send the completed form to your local Social Security office.

If you were referring to Social Security, the quickest and easiest way to cancel your Social Security application would be to call your local Social Security office. If you have already been receiving payments, you have up to one year to withdraw your application. If you did that, you would have to pay back any benefits that you have already received!

Learn more about withdrawing applications here.

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