Trailblazing Women Lawyers Adding “Lustre” To Image Of Retired Career Women

Welcome to episode #19 of Social Security: Answers From The Experts with Martha Shedden. In this episode Martha sits down with Karen Wagner & Erica Baird and they discuss what the Lustre movement is all about, which is basically a new way to think about retiring so that there is no loss of meaning and excitement.

Erica Baird is a retired lawyer with a career spanning four decades. She was the first woman partner in the General Counsel’s Office of her then Big 6 accounting firm, working in the US and abroad on some of the major financial issues of the day. Karen Wagner was the first woman litigation partner at her global law firm in New York City. She practiced law for forty years at her global law firm. After they retired, Erica and Karen co-founded Lustre, a blog for retired career women who want to defy stereotypes and create a new paradigm for the next third of their lives. They also wrote a book, and have partnered with various entities offering goods or services of interest to their cohort.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
●A look into Karen’s and Erica’s backgrounds and what drove them to both go into the law and be trailblazers as well.
●A look into why Karen & Erica decided to start Lustre, which was in reaction to retiring and feeling like they were again in an unseen group.
●The purpose of Lustre and the ways they are attempting to fulfill this purpose.
●Why this time was different, in that it was the first time that lots of working women were retiring en mass.
●The vast differences between the male and female experience of being retirement age and why this is important.
●The importance of community for women retirees, who often feel a loss after not working anymore, often times more so than men.
●The importance of finding meaning after retirement, which can affect one’s life in ways that you wouldn’t think possible.
●How what the baby boomers have been through, and the knowledge gained, can be used to help the younger generations.
●The type of Social Security related issues that are often talked about on Lustre.
●Advice for those who are approaching retirement and information about how to joint the Lustre movement.

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