If I remarry someone younger than me and not at FRA, how will it impact our Social Security income?

Published: November 9, 2022

Full question: I am currently widowed. I am still working, but would like to know if I retired at full retirement age and remarried a person that is not of retirement age, how it would impact Social Security income both now and in the future?

Hi there,

Re-marriage and Social Security can be complicated.

You have many choices to make and benefits that can be collected such as your own retirement benefit, survivors benefit from late spouse, benefits from your new spouse, etc.

You will have many options and should have an optimal strategy to plan accordingly.

The biggest factor would be to make sure you get married at, at least age 60 or later or you would lose eligibility to your late spouses’ survivor benefit. Many rules surround survivor benefits and you also have your own benefit to consider. And while you are still working, extra planning is needed. You may want to work with an expert advisor to get personalized advice. Schedule a consultation here.

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