Should I wait until age 70 to get my full benefit?

Published: June 8, 2023

Full question: I’m remarried 4 years to my husband, age 72. He waited until 70 to begin his Social Security benefits, and is still working as a partner in a law firm. I just turned 69, still working as an independent life & health agent. I have not turned on Social Security benefits yet, and my income has been less than my husband’s. Is it worth it for me to wait 11 more months until I’m 70 also? I’m intrigued with this RSSA, if it can generate additional income for me.


This is a good question!

If you collect now, 11 months prior to age 70, your benefit will be 7.33% lower than if you wait until age 70.

Your husband has assured that the survivor benefit will be as large as possible by waiting to collect until age 70.

You are “eligible” for a spousal benefit, but you can only “collect” the higher of the two amounts, which would be your own retirement benefit.

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