I am getting conflicting information about foreign pensions from the SSA website and my local SSA office. Who is correct?

Published: March 13, 2023

Full question: Hi, Martha, I understand that the WEP reduction for Foreign Pension cannot be more than 1/2 of the Foreign pension. That‘s even mentioned on the SSA website. Today, we went to our local SSA office and they said that the deduction up to 2/3s of the Foreign government pension. Who is correct – SSA website or local office with not many cases dealing with Foreign Governments pensions? Many thanks.


It sounds like you may be getting an answer to your question at your local office that applies to the Government Pension Offset, GPO, rule instead of the WEP rule.

If you are speaking about collecting your own retirement benefits and a foreign pension, that would be the WEP rule.

If you are referring to collecting a spousal or survivor benefit, the GPO rule would apply.

In either case, our team of analysts would be able to provide you with an analysis showing the exact amounts you can expect to collect and the best claiming dates. Please email us at help@rssa.com for more information.

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