Can I receive a child-in-care survivor benefit for my adult disabled child?

Published: March 22, 2023

Full question: Can I receive child care benefits on my deceased ex husband, for our adult disabled child, who is collecting SSDI on his benefits? I’m 58.


Thank you for your child-in-care survivor benefit question.

Yes, if you are younger than age 60 and taking care of a disabled adult child, you may be eligible to collect a child-in-care survivor benefit.

At age 60 that benefit would change to a survivor benefit as an ex-spouse.

Both of these dependent survivor benefits are equal to 75% of your ex deceased ex-spouse’s PIA but would be subject to the family maximum benefit rules. Also, since you are younger than full retirement age, you would be subject to the earnings test if you are still working while collecting Social Security benefits.

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