Was I misinformed by a Social Security Administration representative?

Published: February 15, 2024

Full question: I changed from surviving widow to individual in August 2023. The amount was deferred back to January 2023. I was told the correct increase would be received starting January 2024. I haven’t received the increase yet. Was I misinformed by Social Security representative?

Hi there,

Not necessarily, but I am not sure we have enough information to answer your question.

When you say the amount was deferred back to January 2023, are you referring to a retroactive application for your higher retirement benefit amount at that time?

If so, then sometimes these mid-year adjustments do not get sorted out until the first of the following year. You should also see a COLA increase as of January 2024. I would wait one more month and then contact your local SSA office to make sure the transition all went through smoothly.

Best of luck,

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