Are there any changes to survivor benefit rules in 2024?

Published: March 14, 2024

Full question: Has there been any changes to the surviving spouse benefits in 2024. I started drawing my deceased ex-spouse benefits when I reached SS retirement age of 65 or 65 1/2 (don’t recall exact age). I kept working because at the time I was told I could switch to my personal benefits at age 70, which would be higher than the survivor’s benefit amount. Has this changed for 2024? I recently saw where something like this changed on 1/1/2024. Thank you.

Hi there,

No, this has not changed.

The rule which you are referring to was for spousal benefits, not survivor benefits.

If your own retirement benefit will be a larger amount at age 70, contact the SSA to switch over to that benefit the month that you turn 70.

Take care,

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