How is Social Security impacted by a non-covered teaching pension?

Published: May 25, 2022

Full question: I have a client who is taking his Social Security at 70, this May. He has worked in the STRS system in Ohio, along with paying into Social Security in the private sector. His statement says $3788/month. He is currently receiving $7600/month from STRS. His wife has not accumulated her 40 quarters. Will there be any spousal or survivor benefit from Social Security? Will his Social Security be reduced by his STRS benefit? Thank you so much. I really appreciate your programs.

Hi there,

Social Security benefits may be reduced by the WEP & GPO provisions if the retiree is collecting a non-covered pension and Social Security benefits at the same time.

Determining how benefits will be reduced is subject to the WEP & GPO calculations.

Spousal benefits may be collected without that spouse having 40 credits, but many variables may adjust calculations.

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