Will my foreign pension reduce my Social Security benefit?

Published: May 17, 2024

Full question: Hi, I am from El Salvador and I will have a small pension from my 25 years of work. My contribution were taxed already so, when I decide to collect I won’t pay taxes on the amount distributed. I am planning to get Social Security retirement benefits here in USA soon.I worked 30 years here but, my first 6 years my salary was very low. Will my pension reduce my Social Security benefit? Thank you for your help.

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Yes, it is possible that your pension from El Salvador will have an effect on your Social Security retirement benefit.

This PDF explains more details on the topic and provides a chart and link to help you determine how it may affect your benefit.

If any of your first 6 years of earnings in the US were below the substantial earnings limits, then your Social Security benefit would be reduced due to having less than 30 years at that threshold. The maximum PIA reduction in 2024 is $587, if you have 20 or less years of substantial earnings.

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