Am I eligible for child-in-care ex-spousal benefits if I was married for 9 years?

Published: July 20, 2023

Full question: Hi there. I have a very complicated question. My ex spouse and I were married for 9 years. Together we adopted our daughter, K. K is severely disabled. We shall call my ex J. After J and I divorced, I briefly married A. We are now also divorced. In the event that J passes away, I know that K (our daughter) will be able to receive disabled child benefits on J’s record. Will I be able to receive benefits as I am caring for our disabled child (disabled before 22) that we legally adopted together, despite our marriage only lasting 9 years and my remarriage (albeit brief)?

Thank you to our very astute reader who caught an error in our past response to this question. Below is the correct response.

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The 10-year marriage duration rule does not apply to a surviving mother’s/father’s benefit who is caring for the deceased’s child, including a Disabled Adult Child who became disabled prior to age 22.

As shown in the POMS 00208.010 Surviving Divorced Mother/Father…

1. Surviving divorced mother/father

A surviving divorced mother/father is a deceased NH’s surviving divorced spouse who is finally divorced and has in-care an entitled child of the NH. For additional requirements for a surviving divorced mother/father, see RS 00208.010B….

B. Policy Requirements For Surviving Divorced Mother/Father Benefits… NOTE: There is no 10-year marriage duration requirement for entitlement to surviving divorced mother’s/father’s benefits.

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