As a caregiver of a disabled adult child, am I eligible for ex-spousal benefits?

Published: December 12, 2023

Full question: My daughter is a disabled adult who has been on SSI since childhood. Her father and I divorced and I have remarried. Her father passed away and she is eligible to get survivors benefit, however I was told she would lose her medicaid because she would no longer be eligible for SSI. My question is: as caregiver of disabled adult child, would I be eligible for divorced spouse with disabled child benefit and would it cause my daughter to lose her SSI? I am not retirement age and only income is my spouse’s social security and daughters SSI.


Since you have remarried, you are not eligible for ex-spousal benefits.

If you are caring for your disabled adult child, under certain circumstances, both you may be eligible for child-in-care spousal benefits and your daughter for child benefits based on your current spouse’s earnings (your daughter’s step-parent) if they are collecting retirement benefits.

I recommend that you contact your local Social Security office to obtain clarification on your special situation.

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