Can my spouse collect spousal benefits if I am collecting a non-covered foreign pension and U.S. Social Security?

Published: April 27, 2022

Full question: Having worked 32 years France and 7 years in the US, I am getting small US Social Security benefits ($600) and my foreign pension from France. Can my wife apply for SSA benefits as a spouse (which means she could get up to 50% my benefits, or $300), and would my French pension affect (or reduce to 0) the amount she could get?

Hi there,

A non-covered pension will only affect those who have earned the pension.

In this case, since the pension is yours and not your spouse’s, it will have no bearing on her spousal benefit.

A spousal benefit can be up to 50% of your PIA, not the amount you are collecting! As long as your spouse meets the eligibility requirements for spousal benefits, she should be able to collect from your record!

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