Check the Status of your Stimulus Check: New IRS Online Tool

Pamela Kweller RSSA Staff


What is this new tool and how do I access it?

The U.S. Department of Treasury and IRS have launched a new virtual tool that allows you to check the status of your Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check). Get My Payment is the free online tool and can be accessed through the IRS website on any desktop, phone, or tablet.

How does it work?

Tax filers will need to enter basic information including their Social Security number, date of birth, and mailing address. This information should be the same as what is recorded on your filed 2018 tax return (or your 2019 tax return).

This tool will provide you with the date that your check will be deposited into your bank account or sent in the mail to your address on file. You will be advised on which method your check will be delivered.

With this tool, you also have the opportunity to provide your bank information if you wish to receive your stimulus check via direct deposit (faster method). The IRS already has your bank information if it was provided on your tax return.

If you wish to receive your stimulus check faster, it is advised to provide your bank information. However, keep in mind that if your stimulus check has already been scheduled for delivery (in the mail), you will not be able to change that and add your bank information.

While providing your bank information, you may also need to provide a few other personal details including your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) from your 2018 or 2019 tax return, the refund or amount owed on that return, and your bank account type, account number, and routing number.

What if I don’t normally file taxes?

If you are someone who does not normally file taxes, you can register for a stimulus check using another online tool provided by the IRS. Read this for more information. And read this if you are a Social Security beneficiary.

Beware of Scams:

Important reminder about scammers and emailing phishing attempts: “The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information.” Please be aware of this and do not get scammed.


Get My Payment – IRS Online Tool