IRS Launches New Tool For Stimulus Check Registration

Pamela Kweller RSSA Staff

The IRS partnered with the Free File Alliance and launched a new feature on their website, This free and simple-to-use tool is for people who don’t normally file tax returns and it gives them the ability to register for a stimulus check.

The process is simple and takes very little time to complete. Just visit the website and enter your information including your Social Security Number, name, address, and dependents. The IRS will then determine your eligibility and calculate your payment. If you wish to receive your check via direct deposit, you will also enter your bank account information. Otherwise, you will receive your check in the mail.

This tool was developed for people who don’t file tax returns including lower income individuals or couples, Veterans beneficiaries, and Social Security Income (SSI) recipients.

If you receive Social Security benefits or are a Railroad Retirement beneficiary, you will automatically receive a stimulus payment. If you have qualifying dependents such as children under 17, you can use this tool to claim them. This will ensure you receive your $500 per child.

The IRS announced that there will be another online tool launching soon. This new tool, Get My Payment, will provide individual stimulus check status updates. We will keep you updated!


Are you a non-filer? Register for your stimulus check here.
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