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TheStreet | Expert Advice on Social Security’s 8.7% COLA

Published: October 13, 2022

Retirement Daily asked Social Security experts, including Martha Shedden, to offer their views about the 2023 Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits increase of 8.7% for approximately 70 million Americans. Here’s what they had to say.

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Next Avenue | 3 Keys to Claiming Social Security Wisely

Published: October 11, 2022

“Married couples may want to hire an independent Social Security advisor (such as a member of the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts…”

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Legacy Podcast | Making the Most of Social Security

Published: September 29, 2022

Podcast host Ari Parker speaks with Martha Shedden, a Social Security expert and the co-founder and president of NARSSA. They discuss reframing retirement as an opportunity to design your next act.

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Yahoo | 6 Mistakes People Who Retired Too Early Made

Published: September 12, 2022

Martha Shedden — president and co-founder of the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts — said retiring from work and collecting Social Security does not need to happen simultaneously. Some retirees may find it beneficial to delay collecting Social Security, which can be delayed as late as age 70 to receive the full payout.

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Barron's | This Is the Most Important Social Security Decision You’ll Make

Published: September 9, 2022

Consider also that couples have a bigger chance of longevity between the two of them, while most break-even calculations focus only on the individual, says Martha Shedden, president and co-founder of the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts. In reality, couples need to coordinate their claiming strategies.

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Sage Money Conversations Podcast | What Advisors Don’t Tell You About Social Security

Published: August 17, 2022

The average household loses over $110K of Social Security benefits over their lifetime. Why? Social Security has 2700 rules, and their agents are not allowed to offer advice. Martha Shedden, NARSSA’s President & Co-Founder talks with host Barbara Norman about some of the loopholes, what they mean to you, and where to get help. This episode is a great learning opportunity – even if you think you don’t qualify!

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