If an individual is turning their FRA and still working to earn 40 credits, will the new credits be added into their PIA?

Published: August 9, 2021

Full question: If a retiree is turning their FRA and they do not have all 40 credits required to receive the full benefit, can they continue to work to obtain all 40 credits? If this retiree claims at his FRA, can he continue to work and will the credits be automatically recalculated into his PIA?


Yes, you can continue to work and earn quarters of coverage or “credits” after your full retirement age (FRA) to obtain the 40 credits needed to be fully insured.

You will not be eligible to file for benefits until you reach 40 credits or meet other criteria, such as becoming disabled.

If you qualify and begin collecting benefits at your FRA and continue to work, your benefits may increase if those earnings are higher than any of your past earnings. Our expert team can help you with a Social Security plan that will guide you through your exact circumstances.

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