Can my spouse get an adjustment to her benefit since I have now filed for my benefits?

Published: March 5, 2024

Full question: My spouse, born in 1957, started drawing Social Security benefits at age 62.5 in 2019. She is getting benefits based upon her own work record. I (husband) born in 1956, will start benefits in Jan 2024 (approved). Now that I have filed, can she get an adjustment to her benefit based upon her entitlement to a spousal benefit? She was “deemed filed” in 2019, but could not draw a spousal benefit because I had not claimed. How does this now get adjusted? Thanks!


Yes, when you began collecting retirement benefits, she may have become eligible for an additional spousal amount.

Whether she can receive a spousal benefit depends on your and her primary insurance amounts, or PIAs, which are the amount you would each be eligible for at full retirement age.

She can typically receive a spousal benefit if your PIA is more than double her PIA. This benefit should start automatically if she is eligible, but she can set up a meeting with the SSA to determine the details.

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