Does the WEP rule apply to my Social Security retirement benefit when I collect a pension from the UK?

Published: July 20, 2023

Full question: Hi Martha, Would you be able to calculate what the WEP impact would be for my Social Security work payments while I was working USA (started taking at 62 once I retired and returned to UK ). I am looking at the impact if I decide to take my UK government retirement pension. I have the option to buy in previous years where I did not contribute to the UK pension and increase the UK pension payments but concerned, it may not be a good idea if my Social Security had large reduction due to WEP. 

Hi there,

The US has a totalization agreement with the UK, so your UK pension may not affect your US Social Security retirement benefits.

The Social Security Administration has a screening tool for WEP and foreign pensions to help you determine if you will be affected here.

Take care,

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