I began collecting Social Security disability when I was married. Is it possible that I am entitled to higher Social Security benefits from my ex-spouse?

Published: June 1, 2021

Full question: I have a question. I have been collecting Social Security disability for a long time now. At the time I was married and did not recall qualifying for SSI. I really don’t know what is the difference between Social Security disability and SSI, but I have not been married for over eight years. Would I be able to apply for SSI? Would that give me extra income considering that I am the only income in the house and a single grandmother raising six grandchildren, three that I have adopted already and in the process of adopting another three?


I am guessing that when you refer to SSI, you mean Social Security income (benefits) based on your ex-spouse’s earnings record, not Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Since you were not married more than ten years, you are not entitled to Social Security ex-spousal or survivor benefits based on your previous spouse’s earnings.

If you were referring to SSI (Supplement Security Income), you can learn more about SSI here. You can also learn more about disability benefits here.

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