Am I still eligible to collect my retirement benefits at age 62 if I move back to Romania?

Published: June 11, 2024

Full question: Hi..I’m a Romanian citizen and I’m working legally in US under the work visa and Green Card application. I’m 61 years and in January 2024 I want to withdraw my green card application and apply for SS benefits like Non Citizen and go back in Romania under health problem. Question: If i get retired in Jan.2024 at 62 years old and go back to Romania i’m going to keep my benefits from US? I have 24 years working in US legally (never illegal) and what i suppose to do to get SSA retirement benefits after all those years working in US.thank you rs Green card application still in pending(6years behind with processing time) I’m thinking about next years when I’ll be 62 years old to withdraw my green card application and apply for SS benefit and go back to Romania (reason: i have some health problem). Question: in Jan.2004 i have 62 years old and 24 years working legal in US .i have all my SS credit from my work history. I’m eligible for SS benefits at 62 and then after I’m US i’m gonna keep my benefits in Romania too?

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You can find SSA information on payments while you are outside the US in their booklet Your Payments While You Are Outside the United States.

Since individual circumstances can vary, it is wise to consult directly with the SSA to address any specific concerns related to your green card status and retirement benefits. They can provide personalized guidance based on your situation.

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