Understanding Behavioral Finance, The secret To This Advisor’s Success

Welcome to episode #17 of Social Security: Answers From The Experts with Martha Shedden. In this episode Martha sits down with Kris Flammang she picks his brain about many different topics related to financial planning, retirement planning, and how exactly he is able to service his clients so well.

Kris is a co-owner of LPF Financial Advisors. Kris has been in financial services since 1999 after moving to Florida from his home state of Nebraska. He currently carries the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor(CRPC) Accredited Investment Fiduciary(AIF) and Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA) designations. He has co-authored a book on personal financial planning as well.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
●Information about Kris’ background and the how being a scuba diving – instructor eventually led him to become a financial planner.
●Why Kris decided to get his Behavioral Financial Advisor designation.
●How Kris evaluates the work vs life balance in his life and his advice for others.
●Information about the almost 1200 families that Kris gives financial advice to.
●A look at the demographics of the people that come to Kris for help in financial planning.
●A look at the philosophical reasons that led the U.S. to the financial crisis of ’08, which Kris talks about in a book he co-wrote.
●A story about how Kris was able to help a client to really help their financial life as they approached retirement age.
●Why being honest with someone trying to help you figure out your finances will lead to such better results for everyone.
●The role of trust in the client and financial planner relationship (it’s not as simple as it may seem).
●The most common questions regarding Social Security that Kris’ clients should be asking but unfortunately usually do not.

Relevant Links:

Connect with Kris:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristopher-flammang-crpc®aif®bfa®-97857453/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kris.flammang
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kflammang




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