Expert RSSA® Advisors use RSSA Roadmap® Social Security Software
A Registered Social Security Analyst® (RSSA®) will provide you with a unique Social Security plan, to help you decide on the optimal claiming decisions. Using the RSSA Roadmap® Optimization Software, an RSSA® will help you maximize your Social Security claiming strategy to increase your lifetime benefits.

RSSA Roadmap® – Advisor Version Software is the premier Social Security optimization software for professional advisors. Handle the most complex Social Security analyses with RSSA Roadmap® – Advisor Version so your clients and your practice can truly prosper. RSSA Roadmap® – Advisor Version Social Security planning software is built for professional advisors. Our solution will help you optimize your clients’ Social Security benefit claiming strategy and increase their lifetime benefit value.

● Unlimited Client Analyses
● Benefit Heatmap – All Filing Ages
● Breakeven Analysis
● PIA Calculator
● Client Support & Help
● Complimentary RSSA Roadmap Client Portals Included
● Powerful Reporting
● Advisor Affiliate Program
● Cloud-based Software


Posted on March 7, 2023 by Ted Rosedale