Award-winning Financial Journalist Bob Powell Shares His Unparalleled Retirement Planning Expertise

Welcome to episode #32 of Social Security: Answers From The Experts with Martha Shedden. In this episode Martha sits down with #RobertPowell and they discuss financial advisors, Social Security, Medicare, IRAs, and more.

Robert Powell, CFP®, is an award-winning financial journalist whose work appears regularly in, USA Today,, The Wall Street Journal, and AARP. He is the editor and publisher of TheStreet’s Retirement Daily and editor of TIFIN’s For decades Robert has been a sought after expert and author on all things related to retirement, Social Security and Medicare.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
● What should people be aware of concerning the future of Social Security and retirement planning?
● Why spending of savings in retirement is one of the hardest problems in finance.
● Different ways to hedge against an end of life costly medical emergency.
● A look at the average retirees biggest fear and what to do about it.
● Tried and true pieces of advice that Robert finds himself routinely giving out.
● A look at annuities and Roth IRA conversions and how to understand these complex financial tools.
● Where are financial professionals routinely failing their clients, where can we get better?
● Advice about your Medicare decisions.

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